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We know the recipe for your success!

We offer not only the creation of sites in Donbass, but also in the Australia, UK and the USA, as well as their comprehensive promotion to increase Your customers! After the development of the site in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, we Will not leave you and help to increase your profits! We achieve the best possible result for each of our clients in the field of Internet marketing and website development in all countries of the world!

Our team in Donetsk and Lugansk will develop a website for promotion in other countries of the world. With special care we will approach creation of a site for any customer in the United States of America because we love the work and simply won't be able to develop a site badly. We do our job efficiently and inexpensively! But at the same time, all our customers must be sure that we will bring them only to a positive result and guaranteed business development, provided that it is possible! We are not magicians — we practice!

In order to promote your website, business, public or government activities — there are several key factors. At first glance-it's all very simple, as it may seem! In order to guarantee the involvement of stakeholders, this process needs to be approached very carefully.


Initially, it is a well-chosen design of the site delays any Internet user on your site. But in order to attract we use properly configured advertising in Yandex and Google, and SEO website optimization. By sharing these two online marketing tools, we will attract as many different people as possible who are interested in Your services.


We make an attractive website design, mysteriously luring your customers, which will increase your profit!


With the help of infographics we will prepare customers to realize the benefits of cooperation with you.


We will create awareness of your brand in many areas. About Your business will know even phlegmatic melancholic.


If necessary, we can prepare promotional videos and entire films about your activities.


High-quality photos will favorably distinguish You from the mass of mediocrity from the competitive environment of your activity.

Internet marketing

Competent Internet marketing will help to attract those people who will become your customers forever.


Comprehensive audit

Internet marketing and design Studio DonbassWeb will not make anyone a site, in the event that the creation of a site in the United States will be useless. We are sure to conduct a marketing analysis of Your field of activity on the Internet and offer the most profitable options to increase your profits!

Comprehensive analysis in Internet marketing is a must for any company in the world. Questions about these studies should not only aspiring entrepreneurs in the United States, Britain, and representatives have been working the business!

Design idea

Development of design selling site is an important stage on the way to success! The creation of the site in Donetsk will take place in direct communication with the customer and in the joint development of the appearance of the site, which should bind the client at a glance and encourage to make at least one purchase.

You will not be able to attract the customer if Your site is ugly and incomprehensible. Website development in Donetsk should be carried out thoughtfully, and with a pre-planned location of the necessary sections and links to the client immediately understood what is offered on your site.


Experts DonbassWeb will lead the development of the site strictly according to the wishes expressed by You. Attracting customers to your future website, we will make it guaranteed reliable and verified in terms of usability. Your customers can easily make the necessary order.

Terms of creation of sites (business card website, corporate website, online store, landing page) vary significantly due to completely different requirements. The creation of some sites takes only a few days, while the development of others can take a month or more.


After creating a website in Donetsk, we are happy to help you attract customers. For this we will use contextual advertising in Google and Yandex, as well as SEO optimization of the website. These tools of modern Internet marketing will surely promote your business in the world wide web.

If contextual advertising will lead the right clientele at once, the SEO-optimization — quite a long process. SEO-stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translates as search engine optimization. The time of promotion in this way can take from several months to infinity, depending on competitors.

The prices for creation of sites in Donbass

Business card website in USA

The price of creating a business card site in Donetsk is $ 250, which is quite inexpensive, as our specialists will develop a site in Donetsk of excellent quality in comparison with other site creators in the United States. Of course, you can apply for the development of the site in Donetsk to those who create sites cheaper, but know that no hack does not guarantee you the proper quality of the developed site. Do not try your luck and order a website in the Studio of Internet marketing and design DonbassWeb.

Corporate website in the United States

The cost of developing a corporate website in the DPR is $ 400. If you want to create a website in Donetsk cheap, you can feel free to contact us. We promise to make a quality website that will satisfy all your needs, as well as the needs of your employees. They will be able to easily add and edit all the materials on the site, for the proper representation of Your company on the Internet.

Online store in USA 

The development of an online store by the design and Internet marketing Studio of Donbass Will cost only $ 500. Creating an online store for the United States will take about two weeks. During this time, our experts will build the correct structure of the site for search engine optimization and make it very reliable, which will allow your customers to make the most desired number of orders, and in some cases become your regular customers. Do not lose money and order the development of an online store in Donetsk.

Landing page in United States

Selling site in Donetsk costs $ 300-is necessary for all entrepreneurs and enterprises of the Donetsk people's Republic, because with the help of a single — page site called Landing page-it is correct to sell specific services or individual products. If you are engaged in the sale of single goods or services, it is your choice. Also, the creation of a single-page site in the United States is suitable for Hyper, supermarkets and other wholesale companies that want to increase sales for specific positions.

The cost of creating sites for the United States. So, You have reached the moment when you need to make an informed choice. The cost of developing sites in the DPR is completely different, but you need to keep in mind what you get for paying for a particular site. The price of creating a website in Donetsk is significantly lower than similar services in Russia and Ukraine, as well as in other countries. Studio of Internet marketing and design Donbass Will bring Your business to a new level and is guaranteed to attract new customers and customers!

The cost of website development in Donetsk. For the promotion of business in the Donbass, You need to realize that just creating a website in the DPR — will not give the desired result on the financial performance of Your company, firm or state-owned enterprise. After the development of the site, which in fact is only a poster of Your activity, it is necessary to order SEO-website promotion in Donetsk or Lugansk, as well as throughout the Donbass, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and around the world. The more you reach the right audience, the more money you earn.

Price promotion sites in the United States

SEO optimization involves the original configuration of the site under the rules of major search engines Google and Yandex — aligned writing SEO articles on the topic of Your activity to enhance Your site in search engines. But, keep in mind that SEO-optimization does not give instant results and instant profits — it's work on a long-lasting result, which will fix Your site in the first position on many requests of Internet users. The cost of monthly SEO-site optimization varies significantly, but the initial price — $ 250 per month.

The advertisement rates for sites in the United States 

In that case, if You want to sell your services or products immediately, You just need contextual advertising in Yandex and Google. To do this, you need to pay the initial cost of setting up contextual advertising, which is from $ 100 per month. For better quality, you can even say laser customer attraction-requires a monthly adjustment of the advertising campaign in the search engines, which will cost You the same amount, but in some cases, exceptions are possible!

We do not Rob clients — we help them to become richer! Turning to the Studio of Internet marketing and design Donbasweb, you will increase the turnover of your business as many times as possible!

DonbassWeb develops websites in many USА cities, particularly in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Austin, Columbus, Charlotte, Detroit, El Paso, Memphis, Baltimore, Boston, Seattle, Nashville, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco.

In addition, we create websites in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Leicester, Bradford, Nottingham, Sunderland and other UK cities.

In Australia we operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle-Maitland, Canberra-Queanbeyan and other.

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